Small Titanium Pressure Modules L-MP

Titanium pressure sensors

Exceptional insulating properties and radiation resistance of sapphire enable utilization of the sensitive element within the temperature range from -200°C to +350°C even under the impact of high electromagnetic interferences and radiation. Our strain gauge elements are manufactured by solid-state microelectronic methods and provide high quality and long therm stable repeatability.

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L-MP Module Features

  • Small body with HEX 12
  • Pressure port also with M5
  • Relative pressure sensor
  • Resistive Wheatstone bridge
  • Resolution of pressure sensor 0,01%span
  • Nominal pressure ranges from  1 MPa to 150 MPa and from 10 bar to 1500 bar resp.
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to +200°C
  • Dielectrical strength min. 700 VAC

Series Specification as PDF

Further technical details to this line of products you can find in our module specification L-MP.

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