Industrial Pressure Transmitter line LPI1003A up to +85°C, voltage output


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Features of LPI line

Pressure transmitters individually calibrated for high accuracy over the entire
operating temperature range by means of a proprietary calibration technology.

Range: 2.5 bar up to 1000 bar
Operating temperature: -40°C / +85°C
Sensivity error: < 0,3%span
Voltage output: (0 … 10) V
and more

Non ratiometric

Supply voltage: (12 ... 40) VDC

Vibration proofness: >20 g
Electrical interfaces
: M12x1; DIN EN 175301-803; Cable


Detailed configuration

Series specification as PDF

Further technical details of this transmitter series you will find in our product specification for the LPI10 line.

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